This is a cover of our song “No Guarantee”. I guess this is done for science.

Here’s a link to the experiment.

Here’s a link to the contest.

Maybe you can help us figure this out. Comment if you have any ideas.


In our demo users can experience a highly immersive virtual environment, while taking part in an experiment on presence in virtual reality. Each user will be given the option of taking part in an experiment, or just seeing the demonstration.

Users will sit and put on the Gear VR. They will see a bar scene where a singer will perform. Each user will see one of a fixed number of versions of the scene, which are subtly different. We expect some of these versions to generate a higher sense of presence than others. We will gather some data from their behaviour in the scene, and we will also ask a questionnaire. Logs and questionnaire results will be uploaded to a server at UCL.