It’s not quite finished, but we’re getting there. Some of the pages are not finished and we’re still getting used to WordPress. If you notice any glaring problems leave a comment and let us know.… Read More

I know it sounds crazy and if it weren’t for the Euros I have to convert to dollars  I wouldn’t believe it. But it’s true. Thanks to a company we license our music through in Europe, our songs are being played in grocery stores and shopping malls across Italy, Isreal, Spain and the Czech Republic. Our… Read More

Our third album “Just When You Thought You’d Never Smile Again” is the product of the last 5 years of steady work. Well maybe not steady work. We did take a couple breaks. Well maybe more than a couple breaks, let’s try this again. After the release of our last album “The Burden of a… Read More

Rich from MSI took time out of his day to talk with us. He won’t make that mistake again. Rich, recently, had the opportunity to sit down with Jason and Paul, of Bosco & Peck. We talked about their views on indie music, their recording process and The Song Swap, their podcast. We, also, get… Read More

Carol from Butterflies Radio featured us on her blog… Mostly because she was obligated. Here’s how the post started: Omg how to describe today’s show…..madness and mayhem…that’s the only two words I can think of ! Mark blew a lot of hot air at the start, and a few choice words like **** and **** … Read More