A Tale of Two Bios

Supermarket Sensation

-The Interesting Bio-

Have you ever wondered who that band is playing in the background at the supermarket while you shop for melons. Chances are, at some point, it was us! Well, at least if you are in a European supermarket. Our songs have been played millions of times in stores throughout the world, but sadly we haven’t had any luck breaking into the cut throat supermarket game in the United States. We’re pretty sure it’s a conspiracy to keep us from spreading our neo-soul message of peace and love, break up songs, life altering epiphanies, and the occasional political conspiracy (Hint: listen to “Divide You”). That’s where you come in. Listen… Follow…Add us to your playlist… Tell your friends and your enemies.
With your help, Bosco and Peck can become the world’s greatest Supermarket Sensation!

-Just The Facts Bio-

The Philadelphia based Neo-soul band Bosco and Peck have been making music since 2005 with the release of their first album “A band so mysterious… You’ve never heard of them”. The group is named after the founding members and songwriters J Peck and Paul Bosco who have been writing together since 2001. In May 2010 they created The Song Swap a podcast featuring indie artists recording covers of each other’s songs. The show only lasted 2 seasons but released 2 compilation albums.