“I Can’t Help”, “Black Bird”, and “Every Night” from our 2nd album “The Burden of a Healthy Mind” were licensed for the film “Victim No. 6”. Released Dec 20th 2019. It’s 1975 in New York City, which has been unaffectionately dubbed “Fear City” by the Council for Public Safety. Donna stands in front of a derelict newsstand, smoking a… Read More

After taking an extended hiatus, we are gearing up to release a couple new songs. Paul is in Italy now working with our mastering company to finish up a couple tracks… At least that’s what he says he’s doing, but let’s be honest he’s on vacation and he just happens to be getting some work… Read More

In August I posted our most played songs in stores around the world(mostly Europe), and I have the numbers for the past 6 months. “Every Night” wins again! Wow, that song has been killing it consistently. Maybe it’s time we remaster that album and give some special love to “Every Night”. Most played songs #… Read More

We received a list of our top 10 most played songs from in-store background music for the last 6 months. Once again, I am amazed that “Every Night” is at the top. People must really like listening to that song while they pick through vegetables at the supermarket. I wonder if we should set up… Read More

Our new single “Love, The Song” is currently available on CDBaby and will be available everywhere in a couple weeks. It’s a lighthearted ukulele track that is a bit different from the music we’ve released in the past. Check it out here https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/boscoandpeck2… Read More

It’s not quite finished, but we’re getting there. Some of the pages are not finished and we’re still getting used to WordPress. If you notice any glaring problems leave a comment and let us know.… Read More

I know it sounds crazy and if it weren’t for the Euros I have to convert to dollars  I wouldn’t believe it. But it’s true. Thanks to a company we license our music through in Europe, our songs are being played in grocery stores and shopping malls across Italy, Isreal, Spain and the Czech Republic. Our… Read More